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Our Work

During the past 50 years, we have had the privlege to remodel the homes of thousands of our customers. See below for a gallery of our notable installations and testimonials from our satisfied customers.


“Brian, OHMYGOD! The door is so beautiful. Total ‘wow factor.’ I LOVE IT. I’ve seen it in the daylight now and actually the shade or two darker it is on the inside of the house doesn’t make much of a difference really. Plus your workers did a beautiful job—it just looks unbelievably beautiful.

You have got to stop over and see it once the shutters are on, too.

You and your family have a wonderful holiday. I know I will, every time I look at that door I have to smile. Thank You!”
—Mary G.

“Brian, we’ve been impressed with the quality of the work and Steve’s follow-up to get minor issues fully right. We’re pleased with the window. It is kind of you to ask about my office—the window made a huge difference in equalizing the temperature with the rest of the house and cooling it off!

The extra work Steve and crew did on some of our cedar was a big help. And we’re happy enough that Amy has already recommended y’all to a friend.”

“We were very pleased with the work done on our home.

Steve Adams did an excellent job of keeping us informed and his crew worked very hard every day to get the work done.

Thank you for a job well done. We would gladly recommend your company to any of our friends or acquaintances.”
—Arlene & Bob B.

“Both Austin O’Malley and Bill represented your company well and were very pleasant about answering my questions and explaining things. Bill was a pleasure to have around for the day and seemed very proficient at the job.”
—Marilyn W.

“Brian, your guys were friendly and professional. The work was done well. They cleaned up well when finished! Thanks.”
—Sandy & Dan B.

“Austin, thank you so much for all your time and effort in working on my garage. It was a real pleasure for me not to deal with the fly-by-nights like I have done in the past. Your installers are the best at their craft.”
—Anita C.

“I would like to say a special “thank you” to Austin for his great service and prompt installation of our gutters. This really helped us out as we are having a wedding at our home and then selling it. Look forward to having you install new gutters on our new home. Thanks so much.”
—Dawn R.

“We have recently had your company replace windows and install siding on our house. Austin O’Malley was our salesman.

It was a real pleasure for us to find workmen who take pride in the job they do—and I was particularly impressed when a problem arose with our shutters. The shutters we had ordered came but the color just wasn’t right with our siding. Rather than order different ones, I told your crew to install them thinking we would have to paint them. To my delight and surprise, they had taken the problem to you and got permission to paint them for us rather than leave them when they knew we were not happy.

My husband works to promote customer satisfaction for his company, so it meant a great deal to both of us to find this kind of thoughtfulness in a crew. Both they and Austin went out of their way to do the ‘little things’ that mean so much and give your company a ‘satisfied customer.’”
—Evelyn B.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Austin O’Malley for your prompt response to my dilemma. I didn’t think that eighteen months after the completion of a job, a contractor would respond as quickly as you did. The genuine concern and sincerity that each of you displayed while at my home eased my fears of a leaky living room ceiling caving in with the heavy rains forecasted.

The next morning, I received a call from Brian Carter telling me that the necessary repairs were completed as promised. I again thank you for the prompt services rendered even though the required repairs were not the result of faulty workmanship on the part of Seamless Gutters.

It is gratifying to know that there are companies in business that actually pay attention to the customer. Please feel free to use this letter and my name as reference for future customers of Seamless Gutter Corporation.”
—Rich W.

“Everything’s been taken care of as requested to complete the job. We’re pleased with the work. Thank you for the professional manner in which the contract was drawn up and carried out.”

—Marjorie P.