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Entry systems and Door ways for your Home

Your home entryway is important to you, your friends and family. We decorate our entryway by season, share our religous beliefs and share our family celebrations at our  doorways. Most homeowners can recall the fond memory of the texture of the door at their childhood home with intimate detail. Enjoy the door way of your choice.

At SGC Exteriors, we think your entryway and door ways should be inviting and beautiful. Energy efficiency designed into a warm and entry to home. Maintenance-free, secure and enduring.  We ofte share our initial greeting for guests, friends, family and neighbors with the family entry door in hand.. .

There are simple factors to consider when choosing an entryway, doorway or patio door system. The choices you make  take into consideration cost, energy-efficiency, noise-reduction, maintenance, ease of use, security and privacy, warranty and importantly, professional installation. Designs that coordinate with both your home style and the way you live make a more practical solution. Selecting beveled and cut glass options let in light yet help you maintain your privacy. Choices in product options can be challenging. We would be happy to help you through an unfamiliar decision process .

Most doors qualify for Energy Star Certification which may make you eligible for US Federal IRS energy tax credits.

R-value and Air Infiltration are important considerations.  R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) to consider. The R-value indicates a door’s ability to impede heat flow. The larger the number, the better the insulating benefits.

Keep in mind, there are many types of entry doors on the market that generally fall into three categories: steel, fiberglass and wood. There are also storm doors to consider. Each type has its benefits and its costs.

Steel Doors: Therma Tru and Masonite

Steel Doors: The least expensive  entryway is a new steel door. These durable doors are  secure, won’t warp like wood and are can be prefinished with high-grade baked-on polyester finish.  Steel doors can be found in either a smooth or wood-grain texture. Steel doors are insulated with injected poly urethane foam around wood structural members placed between the door 'skins'. The better steel door systems have interloking full steel perimeter rails to prevent warp. Inexpensive steel doors that will warp are most often found at mass market home supply retail centers.  Steel doors can be architecturally enhanced with raised panels, decorative glass and beautiful hardware.

Fiberglass Doors: Therma Tru and Masonite

Fiberglass Doors: This category is the fastest growing in quantity, type and selection. Selections and quality  for fiberglass doors have increased in the last few years as people are looking for alternatives in materials that are more environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, family friendly and beautiful. Fiberglass doors are becoming  more popular in the entryway category because the door configurations are endless, the maintenance low, and the warranties are usually lifetime. Sturdy construction does not warp, peel or crack enabling this door category to be the most energy efficient.. Durable finishes of wood grain or smooth options lend to an appealing choice for many home styles and décor. Add decorative glass, stylish hardware and sidelights to complete your custom look.

Wood Doors

Wood Doors: Wood doors offer a distinct warmth and character that only natural wood can offer. The exact match for staining to coordinate with your home  interior trim, casing, furniture and fine detail. Stately vintage bungalow or cozy cape cod can each make a beautiful wood specie door way appear more like furniture than building component. Wood doors come in a variety of eighteen (18) hardwood species. Most popular douglas fir,  oak, mahogany, walnut and cherry species all receive the current engineering appointments that ensure the door way last a life time.  Torrified Wood Doors receive a full Twenty Year Warranty   Enhance your wood doors with the finest decorative glass, metal caming materials, beautiful oil rubbed hardware and matching sidelight options. Build an entry way  you will always remember.

Patio Doors: Simonton and Therma Tru

Patio Doors: Patio doors are a nice way to enter your home off a deck, from a balcony or three-season room. New Sliding doors or swinging patio doors offer the natural sun light of the  largest windows, with the convenience of passageway in a heavy traffic area. Patio doors come in several styles, configurations and materials.Four popular types are  carefree solid vinyl and wood( clad with aluminum). Most manufacturers offer complimentary windows so that all materials and colors coordinate. Options such as grlls or muntins, higher performance glass, tinting, security footbolts and numerous types of harware are available.Energy tax credits are available..

Storm Doors: Larson and National Pride

Door Configurations

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