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SGC Exteriors: Standing Behind Our Work

There are  many siding choices. Window choices. Door choices. Guttering choices. It takes much research to make a decision that best for your home at the price you can afford. At SGC Exteriors, we take the time to educate you on the advantages of each of our offerings so that you’ll be able to make wise fact driven decisions when you purchase tried and true products.

“We have the strongest guarantee in the exteriors industry. How many firms can provide the wealth of experience and commitment to delivering honest value to homeowners for nearly fifty years—and stand behind every individual installation and product? We always attempt to perform the best installation for every home.  How many times have we corrected or replaced other installations? Very often money spent with other firms is lost as those companies fail—making their guarantees worthless. We stay committed to our customers by keeping our business growing strong in the community. Home owners are not afraid to make a decision, they are concerned to make the right decision”.

—Bob Carter, Sr. Founder, SGC Exteriors.

SGC Exteriors offers comprehensive labor guarantees from one year to lifetime labor guarantee depending upon each individual installation and the products chosen. And along with our guarantees, the products we represent and lasting installations have some of the best warranties in the industry.

These brands include: