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Windows make an important feature of any home. Windows give expression, allow light in daylight to brighten yor home. Windows bring in fresh air and can help conserve your energy costs year round. So when it comes to your new windows, SGC Exteriors wants to help you with this important decision making process so that you will be confident that the choices you make are the right fit for your budget, your lifestyle, and your home.

There are many factors to consider when choosing new windows to replace those existing parts of your home. The choices you make should take into consideration:  cost, energy-efficiency, noise-reduction, maintenance,enhancing hardware, ease of maintenance and operation, warranty and professional installation. These choices effect your home aesthetics: design, beauty, form, presentation and suitability. The best selections integrate seamlessly with the way you live and are appropriate for the architectural style of your home.

Our SGC design consultant can help make a challenging task...clear and straightforward. 

Also, you may be eligible to receive energy tax credits if you choose windows that qualify for the Federal Energy Efficiency Rebate program.

To be eligible for the energy tax credit, the windows you select MUST have a U-Factor (how much heat loss a product allows) less than or equal to 0.30 and a SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) less than or equal to 0.30 (the lower the number on these scales, the better the performance). Energy Tax Credit parameters are set to change early 2015. A good start is looking for windows with the Energy Star logo, then compare window values with regards to: U-Factor, SHGC, warm-edge technology, and air infiltration ratio. A third key performance metric is Air Infiltration Ratio, whereupon the lower number, the more efficient performance.

In order to meet the U-Factor and SHCG requirements, window glass usually has special “Low-E” coatings to reflect infrared and ultraviolet light, keeping inside temperatures steady and UV rays from sunbleaching your furniture and textiles.

Modern insulated (double- or triple-pane) window glass should contain a non-toxic gas, a natural element mined from the earth, such as Argon or Krypton that is colorless and odorless. This gas provides a density barrier (a dense gas which keeps heat in or out according to the season) between the outside extreme temperatures and the comfortable inside temperatures. Keep in mind, there are many types of windows on the market, but the great majority fall into three categories: vinyl, fiberglass and wood. Each type has its features, benefits and costs.

Vinyl WIndows

Vinyl Windows: The number one choice for replacement windows both by quantity of consumers and quantity of units placed is the vinyl option. Vinyl windows are low maintenance (no painting needed, clean with a damp cloth), are energy efficient (the frame and sash conduct minimal heat or cold), and have the highest return, lowest price point when compared to other window types. Vinyl window frames, sash and glass are manufactured to 1/8″ increment sizes, custom-made to fit your home window exact measurements for a perfect fit. No wallpaper re-working, no plaster or drywall repairs, no carpentry required, no messy window frame tear-outs, no splintering, no dust and no debris in your home. Standard vinyl window installation is conducted from your home’s exterior. Vinyl windows can be architecturally enhanced with decorative grilles and decorative glass. Grilles  are placed between the insulated glass for easiest cleaning. Vinyl windows give the homeowner the greatest number of options at the least expense.

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